Today’s Headlines: Responses & Curriculum Resources

Ask Big Questions, a project of Hillel International, has put together some wonderful collections of texts and study guides geared towards young adults and teens.

The Rabbinical Assembly

American Jewish World Service: On1Foot

JECC’s Responding to Crisis

Gilad Shalit: RELEASED!
Prime Minister Netanyahu: Gilad is Coming Home
Breaking News: From Inside the  Shalit Tent
In Captivity (English translations)
Happy 25th Birthday Gilad 

Israel, the UN & a Palestinian State

Egypt, Israel & The Middle East

Ten Years Later: September 11, 2011


Is There a Blessing for A Hurricane?

Hurricane Lesson Plan

Natural Disasters and the Torah

Talking to kids about hurricanes

Hurricane Preparedness

Muammar Qaddafi

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi has been the de facto leader of Libya since a 1969 coup.

His nearly-42 years in power have made him the fourth longest-ruling non-royal leader since 1900, as well as the longest-ruling Arab leader.

How do Jews talk about Qaddafi

The Last Jews of Libya


Justice Has Been Done

The Jewish Responses to the Death of Bin Laden

Educators grapple with the topic

President Obama speaks on the Death of Bin Laden


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