Collecting my thoughts

Family Education
The Whole Child Education

Israel Education

Jewish Lens:

The G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection is a rich source of historical images of the Middle East. The majority of the images depict Palestine (present day Israel and the West Bank) from 1898 to 1946. Searchable online


Jewish Education (Torah, Talmud and more)

Melton: Israel Education Curriculum Catalog

Classroom Management

Dealing with a difficult students:

Response Curriculum:

Technology & Education

Edudemic: Connecting Education & Technology

Group chat via Skype:

Free Lesson Plans and Activities:

Screen Sharing & Web Conferencing site h

Torah Technologies: A variety of technologies built in accordance w Torah law


2010 Global Education Conference

Global Education Collaborative: 2011 Conference

Technology Resources for Educators

The Ultimate Guide: YouTube, Twitter, WordPress & More

Teachers & Social Media: DOs and DONTs

12 Ways to Scaffold Texts for Students

Twenty Ways to model technology use for students


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