Swipe and swipe again. It’s all there!

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There’s lots of apps out there – millions, to be exact – with new apps released daily. Here’s a 4 minute, 4 app review especially fun for Jewish educators or those interested in Judaism.  Happy swiping.

  1.  The Jewish.tv app is a cornucopia of videos with educational and entertainment topics, from  adult classes to kid channels, food shows to music.  Chabad, found around the world in every remote corner, and probably in your Jewish.tvvery own neighborhood, is as close as your back pocket. Start on the home page and peruse the featured option, which opens up to “Editors Picks”
    and “Most Viewed” or enter through the “Channels” option and be prepared to find it all.  There is a search option which allows you to search by keyword for the video of your choice.
  2. Prayer Player is a great app for learning to decode/read the prayers while learning the traditional melodies. With 10 different prayers to choose from, there’s multiple ways to practice reading while having fun. Each prayer has a translation and transliteration option, line by line audio and some history.  It’s fun having kids play this app in pairs – helping each other pop the correct balloons – or for an adult to sit and “coach” Hebrew reading. This app is great for all ages and especially fun for younger learners.
  3. BetaMidrash is currently available only as an Android app but one definitely to keep an eye on. This app has thousands of Jewish texts merged with open source translations from the Sefaria.org folks for limitless exploration and learning opportunities for the novice and maven alike.  Like the Torah Library app from Davka, one of the earliest pioneers in the Torah technology field, huge libraries of ancient Jewish texts are always at your fingertips for whatever your needs are without ever needing to dust books.  Torah Library has easy to use search, bookmarking and sharing functions.  Davka Corp has a multitude of other apps to explore for every age learner.
  4. The Israel App is a digital travel guide to use for planning a future trip, self-guiding your visit or enjoying a virtual tour of the most famous and most esoteric places in Israel.  ReIMG_0136plete with historical facts, audio, images and useful travel information (like hotel/car rentals, weather, phone numbers and restaurant info), this free Israel App is like having a concierge in the palm of your hand.  The GPS guided walking tours lets you  walk every corner of Israel without worrying about getting lost.  When loading the app you have the choice of streaming in realtime, pre-loading content (no data connection required once loaded) or manually pre-loading content picking and choosing exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect for use while exercising, too. Turn on the app, plug in your headphones, hop on the treadmill and walk through the land of Israel as you stay in shape.  Wish you were planning a trip, but for now your classroom is as close as you’ll get? This app is a super tool for teaching/learning about Israel, and a lot of fun for students to explore independently.

But if you are actually planning a visit to Israel be sure and also download the Israel Railways app for all the train travel info you need or check out any number of the other Israel travel apps in the app store.

So go ahead and swipe, and then swipe again. It’s all in there.


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