Learning is easy as… (A B C) Alef Bet Gimel

Learning Hebrew is as easy as ABC or… Alef, Bet, Gimel. I use a variety of ios apps to teach Alef Bet to beginning learners.  Here are a few of my favorites.

AlefBet OTG – “on the go” app-tly describes one of the powerful ways in which apps and tablets have changed the learning game today.  Learning Hebrew doesn’t need to end when a student gets picked up from school. It can continue in the car, at home, anywhere devices are welcome.  In fact, it doesn’t even require a teacher, a classroom or a schedule.  Hebrew learning apps can be used solo, with friends or family members of all ages.  So go ahead and have some fun learning. Ready, Set, Go!


The AlefBet OTG is simple to use and age appropriate for all ages.  A pre-schooler can just as easily use this app as an adult learning the basics of alefbet.  This interactive app uses audio and visuals together with your finger to teach the name, sound and writing of the letters.  An added bonus, learn some vocabulary words, too.  (Click on the graphic for annotated directions.)AlefBetOTG_Script

UNINTENDED USE: Practice writing script inside the printed letter on the “blackboard” portion of the screen

Ilana Lasri and her series of יאן טאן “Yan-Tan” apps are quite useful once you get comfortable with the layout of the page. She offers directions in Hebrew, and directs users to her other apps but don’t let this confuse or discourage you. After spending time with these apps I really like them and I think you will too. And so many of them are free!  NOTE: With the recent updates of ios 8 and 8.1 there are glitches with these apps. Sit tight – the developer is working on fixing the bugs (and while you’re on the site check out some of their other fab and free apps)

Part 1: Alef-Bet (חלק 1:אותיות א’’ב) is very similar to AlefBet OTG and costs 99cents. Choose a letter from the Alef-Bet board on move in order of the letters (backwards or forwards) by clicking the R/L arrow on either side.  Tap on the letter in the circle to hear the name and sound of the letter. Tap the box and see the way the printed letter is written. The large box has the letter with color coordinated arrows allowing you to trace the shape of the letter.


The Part 2 app costs .99 and teaches letter recognition coupled with vocabulary words that begin with the chosen letter.  It’s a fun way to practice letters and learn some useful Hebrew vocabulary too, but instead of learning one word that begins with the letter, this app teaches 14 words peYanTan_Part2r letter!  As with Part 1 once familiar with the layout and what to click the extra Hebrew on the page doesn’t get in the way – and might even be a bonus brain-based learning techniques.

Part 3, another free app, is a series of letter and word identification/matching games that build on the previous two parts – or can be fun for those that already know some basic Hebrew letters and words.  So go ahead and have some fun learning.


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