The EdCamp Challenge: Pass it on

Hello EdCamp Organizer, Newbies and Wannabes. I’m Debby Jacoby a JEDCamp Organizer in San Francisco – JEDCamp is EdCamp especially inviting for educators in Jewish education systems or Jewish educators. Thank you Kristen Swanson for pulling me into this awesome world and for nominating me to the EdCamp Challenge. I’ve organized 3 JEDCamps so far so here are My 3 tips for Moving People Along throughout the day – especially first timers who might be unsure.

Tip 1: Set up your registration table and Session Board in the same room AS the breakfast or coffee. This gets people in the room right away, prevents a log jam in the lobby, encourages edcampers to start meeting others right way, and gets them close to the session board (whether to post a session or survey the options). And since everyone is in the same room it’s easy to welcome and start the day on time.

IMG_5892 Tip 2: Not everyone shows up on time, and for 1st time JEDCampers the what to/how to might be confusing. At JEDCampSFBay we had a 10 minute How-To-Edcamp mini session that ran simultaneous to the 1st session allowing EdCamp newbies to get a more private tutorial on the rhythm and flow of EdCamp sessions… while still allowing time to get in to the tail end of Session 1
Tip 3: In each Session Room we put a Room Rules and Protocol Card which has suggestions for getting the session going. It starts with IF You Are the Session Facilitator START BY INTRODUCING YOURSELF then go around the room having everyone say their name. Then announce the session title (making sure everyone in the room intended to be in that room) and finally review the EdCamp rules – which basically are – no one person owns the conversation – the room does AND vote with your feet – – if you’ve had enough for WHATEVER reason and want to check out another session, go for it. That’s how EdCamp works.

Those are my tips for Moving People Along. And now I nominate Aaron Ross at Yavneh in NJ and Noah Cohen at Wornick in Foster City.

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