Game On: Summer Hebrew Fun

Nemo HebrewLearning and Practicing Hebrew has never been so much fun!  Use your iphone, ipod or ipad to learn while you play.  And there are so many FREE and low cost apps that you can choose from.  Whether you want to practice Hebrew reading or writing, learn vocabulary or prayers, play alone or with someone else – here are several good ones to get you started:
Alef-Bet Bullseye teaches the Hebrew alphabet with a fun arcade style game. Users get to choose the letters they need or want to practice. Choose the whole Hebrew alphabet or only three letters at a time, it is up to the individual player.  Throw a pencil to choose the correct letter – it’s simple and fun.  Choose the settings to customize the game with boy/girl voice, level of playing and background music.  $1.99
Alef Bet on the Go is a cool app that lets you write the letter on your device, hear the letter sound, learn a word that starts with the letter – and much more.  The settings lets you change colors, backgrounds and voices making this app fun to use over and over again.  Great for building a beginning Hebrew vocabulary too!  $1.99
Alef Bet app lets you practice pairing letters and vowel sounds.  Alef Bet HD is the app version of the cardboard wheel we use to use to learn the alef bet.  Settings include transliteration, music and more.  Great for learners of all ages. $2.99
Practice reading prayers and learning tunes with this AWESOME and FUN free app.  Prayer Player lets you choose “learn” or “play” mode and lets you decide to read one word at a time or a short phrase.  Great tool for preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah while playing games.  FREE
With Nemo Hebrew your iPhone/iPad becomes a Hebrew teacher. Learn essential words/phrases, with native speaker audio. Master your accent with Speech Studio. Record yourself speaking, then hear your voice next tot he teacher’s. Audio is downloaded to the device and accessible without wifi. Meant to use whenever you have a few minutes in your day. No prior Hebrew required.  FREE
Ready to take things up a notch? Try HebrewNext a Hebrew flashcard app that teaches you phrases and expressions in Hebrew.  Great app if you’re planning a visit to Israel, or a visit with Israelis or if you want to try speaking Hebrew!  Includes translations, audio and lots of cool features.  FREE
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