You Are What You Post

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I’ve step into a walled garden.  I feel safe.  I can explore and experiment and know that I’m with a community that supports my growth and my curiosity.  It’s OK if I make mistakes.  That’s how I learn.

In 1st grade the teacher asked a question.  My hand shot up and I could barely stay in my seat.  I knew the answer and I wanted to share.  Apparently, it was the wrong answer.  That’s what I remember Mrs. S telling me.  Out loud.  In front of the entire class.  I didn’t feel safe.  I decided I wouldn’t share my answers in class anymore.

#JET13 started today.  The core principles of the institute are:

  • We are always modeling
  • We make time for reflection
  • We will be transparent

The theme of Day 1 is empathy.  I feel safe enough to share and from the looks of the participants around me, they feel safe, too.  Even if they aren’t sure what Interactive Writing really is.  Even if they’ve never shared a blog post before.

This week I hope to learn more ways to use the power of technology to engage students, extend their learning, and encourage them to connect with the global world in a variety of ways.  Which means that their teachers need to feel comfortable doing it, too.  I hope to learn this week from the teachers how to best encourage them to try new things so they can best encourage their students.

I’m launching an “unconference” conference for educators in Jewish settings in October.  Based on the #edcamp model, participants will be the presenters.  We will build a schedule together on the day of.  We will learn, share, reflect and connect… and then repeat it often and in all kinds of spaces and places after October 27.

I am what I post.  I am what I learn.  I’m looking forward to a week of learning, posting, and face to face connecting!

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