Good to Great to… Global

I wrote about the #PowerOfCollaboration in an earlier posting about collaboration tools and in another posting focused on gathering information via social networking.

Sitting here 5 months later I’m talking about it again, because I am even more amazed and more curious about the opportunities and power that online collaboration allows for.  For example, many of my professional colleagues, together with Jewish leaders of every kind from around the country, are at a gathering in Denver this very moment tackling critical issues of the day as they relate to the Jewish people, Israel, Jewish education and the Jewish future.

I’m not there, but I’m following along from San Francisco as I read the Twitter chatter on #JFNAGA and I’m able to glean the highlights of the sessions.  Apparently the Matisyahu concert is starting soon.

I’m especially interested to hear the conversations over the next two days that discuss harnessing the power of technology in order to advance Jewish life and learning and the funding opportunities that will make it a reality for all.

The past two weeks another conversation has been happening that just might be bigger than #JFNAGA if it continues with the same momentum as the past two weeks has already seen.  At 9pm EST a group of Jewish educators, and friends and allies, have been gathering at #jedchat to discuss the particulars of EdTech and Jewish education settings.

There are multitudes of scheduled Twitter chats that allow like-minded people to share information, ask questions, identify emerging issues… and it’s as close as your computer.  Best of all, it’s free, easy to use and the collegial support is pretty powerful.

In order for your idea to become successful, you must share it with others… they may like it, change it, add to it or discard it completely and that’s what helps your idea go from good to great to, possibly, global – but maybe it doesn’t go anywhere which says a lot, too.

Next week I am attending a global education conference with participants from all over the world.  The Global Education Conference is a collaborative, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and inspiring action towards solving real world problems.  And it will take place entirely online.  What are you waiting for?  Join now – tens of thousands of people are waiting to collaborate with you.

Conference Schedule of Sessions

The Global Education Conference Mission Statement

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