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collaboration  (kəˌlæbəˈreɪʃən)

1. the act of working with another or others on a joint project

2. something created by working jointly with another or others

3. the act of cooperating as a traitor, esp with an enemy occupying one’s own country

Every day I sit down at my computer with the intention of catching up on my blog posts.  I set out to spy the great world-wide web which, in so many ways, is still quite mysterious.  My mind initially feels dry, as if I’ve entered a desert – a Negev – but I persevere and climb the mountains.  I climb Mt. Facebook and Mt. Twitter looking for interesting angles from which to see the landscape, to see who dwells there today  (“it takes less than two-tenths of a second for Google News to register 15,500 hits for the name “Anthony Weiner”), who looms as a giant (is Lady Gaga really the #1 most followed Twitter personality?!), to learn which sites are open (unsecure) and which are fortified (secure)

But along the way I get distracted by giants and giant fruits and after what feels like 40 days of web surfing, I return to my assignment.

Assignment: Write a blog post on productivity tools and applications

After researching “collaboration and productivity tools” I can’t help but wonder… if Caleb, Joshua and the other ten tribal leaders had spent a few minutes collaborating on a report, how might history have played out differently?

TO: Shamua, Shafat, Yigal, Palti, Gadiel, Gadi, Amiel, Stur, Nachbi, G’uel

FROM: Calev and Yehoshua

RE: Group Presentation (this afternoon!!)


Google Docs:  I know none of us has a lot of time on our hands, so let’s work on writing this report together

Skype: Maybe we can get Talmai to Skype in while we’re doing our presentation – in fact – he just got a new iPhone4 that has the front and back camera (and Skype).  Maybe he’ll walk around and show us a “live look” at the land

Dropbox: I’ve opened a folder in Dropbox called “I SPY” and shared with each of you.  Do me a favor.  Upload all your favorite pics right now so I can drop into a Prezi and use for our group presentation.  We’re on in less than an hour!!!  (p.s. if you don’t currently use Dropbox, sign up through the link I’m sending.  It’s free to you – and I get a bit more space)

We really appreciate the collaboration.  It’s really important we come across as a unified voice, supporting Moshe and sharing the highlights of our trip to the Promised Land.

Thanks much,

Calev and Yehoshua

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