What’s Torah got to do with it? Nachshon sure was brave!!

What’s Torah got to do with it?  I’m growing a whole new level of respect for Nachshon.

Here goes… I’m jumping in

Podcasts and Vodcasts have been around for a while, but might have been given a new life, as technology is rapidly integrating into education systems.  I have never experimented with creating either, but have listened to a myriad of podcasts over the years – from Car Talk to This American Life, Mark Smilowitz to interesting halacha classes and the torah portion of the week … the choices are abundant and service my many interests.

It’s a new world, Golda.

My first feeble attempt at creating a vodcast was a birthday card for my daughter, wherein I told her the story of her birth (a 25 hour ordeal!), as I have done each previous year.  This year I thought about experimenting with a vodcast – videoing myself as I told the story – so that she can listen to it as often as she’d like, and perhaps – an opportunity for me to build on the details in coming years.  Good things are children are so forgiving (and that YouTube let’s you keep some things private!)

But the experience was as good as any first toe-dipping, and now I’m onto figuring out how to use Voicethread to use as a discussion platform for educators.  After spending two days noodling around the website, I’m ready to post step one of this latest experiment.  Hope you’ll stay tuned for the next installments and feel free to give me feedback along the way.  Here goes, I’m jumping in!


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