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Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you to answer the question, “What’s happening?”or to share any message in 140 characters or less to your friends, “followers”, and the Twitter world.  Twitter, launched in August 2006, was co-founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone.  Not 5 years later Twitter has gone from being described as a fad to changing the world.  That’s a big statement, but it daily proves to be true.

But, you might ask, is it good for education?  My morning scan of my tweets since last night reveal a pile of articles that I’ll never have time to read with my morning coffee… but helps me stay aware of what’s emerging and happening daily.  From new ways forstudents collaboration to new websites that support new ways of collaboration to immediately applicable resources for early childhood education forusing manipulatives to do math and workshops for families with special needs and autistic kids on how to use the iPad to best support their kids’s communication, learning, and leisure.

But, you might ask, is it good for the Jews?  Well hasbara is certainly trying with daily Bibireport tweets.  And, watching Describe on the Daily Buzz talkng about “the message” of bringing light into our eyes, and be appreciative daily to God for the abundant blessings in our lives.  And keeping Yiddish alive… well, that’s priceless!

So – is it good for Jewish educationthe focus of most of my daily thinking – and how can it be applied in our classrooms and with today’s generation of learners? This, my friends and fellow-readers, this is what keeps me up late into the night exploring the world that is developing riches faster than at any time in the history of the world.

This morning I learned:

* that on this day in 1881 Herzl fought a duel in his German dueling fraternity

* about a free educator webinar opportunity that will discuss characteristics of excellent schools “The Road to Excellence: Success Stories of a School”

* Technology Tuesdays at Babaganewz is a wealth of information for all kinds of educators that can’t be reduced to a few words – check it out

But my coffee is getting cold, and I have to get ready for my first appointment of the day, so I’ll sign of with a gem of an idea that is sure to spawn many more similar ideas… TWEETING THE ENCYCLOPEDIA – or to be specific the Jewish Women’s Archive’s encyclopedia.  What started as an follow Jewish women who tweet moved into a commitment to tweet one article a week about a Jewish woman from the JWA Encyclopedia.  But when passion, commitment and Jewish education unite… it is explosive.  This is definitely one to follow #jwapedia

What a world we live in!  Modah ani!

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