Olam katan, a small world

I thought I added another couple of sentences to my first post.  It was about the word o-lam (world) spelled ayin, vav, lamed, mem but it could be spelled without the vav.  Without vowels, though, you might misread the word as i-lem (spelled with an ayin – hide or conceal) which had me musing about the missing vav… and the disappearing meaning, for which the word ne’e’lam (disappear) came to mind.  The word mute is also i-lem however, it is spelled with an aleph.

Is there a connection between i-lem and a disappearing o-lam or is this just a random thought.  Me?  I’d like to see a world where Jewish education and experience brings back the disappearing culture – pulls the beauty and riches of Torah and a Torah-inspired life out of hiding, out of its concealment. I’d like to see a world of Jewish education and experience in which the mutes no longer exist.

Zeh o-lam ka-tan m’od – It is indeed a small world connected at the roots.

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